JAGURS on OSX (Brief summary in en)

I succeeded to compile and run JAGURS on Mac OSX in the following steps.

1. Install libraries via MacPorts

$ port install netcdf +dap +netcdf4
$ port install netcdf-fortran +gcc8
$ port install proj
$ port install fftw-3 +gfortran
$ port install szip

2. Install compiler from HPC Mac OS X compiler.

3. Download JAGURS from GitHub

4. Modify Makefile using CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc and FC=/usr/local/bin/gfortran. You should use -cpp option in gfortran command line to use preprocessor and -fopenmp option to use OpenMP directive. OR download Makefile.MacOSX.0500 and save as Makefile in src/ directory (diff patch).